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HIGH ENERGY CLASS THAT KIDS LOVE! Ages 5 & up develop coordination and attention-focusing abilities through a wide variety of FUN martial arts skill games.

The ABC's of Salick's Karate

Salick's classes for children have produced hundreds of extraordinary young athletes. The course is unique. It is more than a standard martial arts class. Tapping into the emerging field of brain-based child development and Roger Salick's lifelong expertise in human movement, it draws from both martial arts and the developmental sciences.

It's activities often look like games --a good reason why the kids go crazy over them-- but they are remarkably effective at creating the complex neuromuscular pathways so critical to healthy children. Salick's Kids become active, fit and brain-body balanced, all while having a great time. Inseparable from the physical goals are the mental attributes such as confidence, focus, respect, and personal discipline.

Older and upper ranked students have the option of moving into KAT (Kinetekan Advanced Training), a class which deals with more challenging and realistic self-defense scenarios. Many will go on to acquire the leadership abilities to instruct others with skill and compassion.