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Instructor Name:Jim Shanklin

Jim Shanklin is a veteran martial artist with more than 20 years experience, holds Black Belt degrees in Kinetekan and Taekwondo, and is a two-time winner of the Milwaukee Rumble Tough Man contest.


Other Information:Jim is an online math teacher for Waukesha West High School. He can often be found running, lifting weights, or just about any physically demanding pursuit  that will enhance his cardiovascular condition.

Favorite martial arts activities:
     Grappling and boxing.

Likes best about Salick's:
     "It's real. At the adult level, we spend the vast bulk of our training time on skills that would really work on the street. You'd think every martial arts school would do that, but not all of them do. When I first came to Salick's, I'd already been a senior black belt instructor at another martial arts school. I thought I knew my stuff. Then the green belts at Salick's just ate me up."