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Instructor Name:Mike Neimon

Mike is a veteran Kinetekan Black belt with additional experience in Judo and traditional Okinawan Karate.


Other Information:A District Court Administrator with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Mike is very active in both cub and boy scouts.  He co-instructs the youth and Kid's Advanced Training classes at Salick's, where his two sons, Joseph and Alex, are active.
Favorite marital arts techniques:  Strikes, trapping blocks and destabilizations
Like's best about Salick's:  "I apply the trainings of Sensei Salick every day of my life, both in and out of the dojo. The practical, real world techniques at Salick's have elevated my ability to defend myself.  The training here has expanded — and in some cases, turned on its head –– what I'd learned in multiple styles of traditional disciplines. In some traditional settings it may take years before you engage in physical contact to practice your art.  In this school, at the adult and KAT level, it is roughly 15 minutes. And here's a twist: on your very first day, you train with Sensei Salick and the head instructors. That’s unheard of.”