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Instructor Name:Greg Mutsch

Greg is a Kinetekan Black Belt and college student who has studied at Salick's Karate since he was five years old.


Other Information:
As a Salick's Youth Instructor, Greg is an effective and  valued role model. In addition to being a graduate of every youth program offered at Salick's Karate, Greg has maintained a straight A+ grade in every class since 1st Grade. When not practicing Kinetekan, he is active in multiple sports and enjoys hunting with his father.

Greg, "Working the Wall", with Mike Neimon.

Favorite Activities:
           Wall fighting, Sparring

What He Likes Best about Salicks:
          "Everyone here has a lot of fun. They always seem to have a smile on their face and work together. I like teaching in the different kid's classes and helping them learn, because that's where I was when I started here. But even at the most advanced levels, there's always something new, some exciting technique that keeps the classes interesting. And I really like the realistic  training. Instead of spending time on impractical things like forms, I get to find out what actually works, and specialize in that."