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Instructor Name:Heather Schneider

Heather holds black belts in Kinetekan and Karate, and is one of the most dedicated martial artists in Salick's Karate's history.


Other Information:
Bio & Hobbies:

Holds B.A. degrees in both Psychology and Business Management.

 Works as a team lead in I.T. at Quad, where she has been since co-oping in high school.

 Active in Flyball and herding competition with her dog, Ali.

 Volunteers at a hospital and in a library child reading program with Paige, her Certified Therapy Dog.

Crews for a Hot Air Balloon team.

Best Like about Salick’s: the dojo dogs (surprise, surprise…),  Scooter (the fat Pomeranian) and Leo (the Shitzu).
Favorite dojo activity:   grappling.
Favorite Salick quote:  “Be honest everywhere in your life except when defending yourself.”
Other Thumbs Ups for Salick’s:
Having fun while learning realistic self-defense.
Thinks Salick’s instructors and students are the best around - a unique bunch of people that bring a lot of energy and talent to the school.
Training on techniques that work and make sense, and being not only allowed —but encouraged—  to change them, improve them, and make them more effective.
First impressions, in Heather’s words:
            “After receiving my black belt from another school, I decided it was time for a change. I checked out a few other schools. They were all very similar to what I’d done previously…slight variations, but overall the same old thing.
            Then I came down to Salick’s. I was greeted by a chubby Pomeranian, which was a first. A great impression for a dog lover like myself! I was just amazed at how wonderful the instructors and other students were. Everyone trained together regardless of rank. The content was so different from what I was used to.
            I’d been trained in a lot of flashy moves and fancy forms that looked  impressive, but at Salick’s, I quickly learned that they wouldn’t work in a realistic self-defense situation. From the first class that I had I knew this was the place for me!”