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"At the first lesson, I was already very impressed by how Mr. Salick understands the needs of each child in the class. My husband and I are so happy with Mr. Salick's work. It is Karate with common sense...Karate with respect...Karate with fun!"
Andrea Wiechmann

"Roger, I'd just like to thank you for everything you do for these kids. Most of them have no idea how fortunate they are to have a Sensei with not only your extraordinary qualifications, but your very unique style of teaching that allows you to connect with your students in ways where other instructors fail. In my year and a half search for a martial arts school for my son, I saw nothing even remotely close to what you offer. Every organization I've visited focuses on breaking boards and how quickly a person can progress through the belts.....if they have enough money. I wanted a school that would teach practical fighting skills without the theatrical nonsense. I needed an instructor who had the skills to teach the mechanics of self-defense, but would also help his students understand the responsibilities of having those skills. I wanted a school that teaches how to gain confidence and self-respect while understanding one's own limitations, a school that would reinforce the values I try to teach my kids every day. I finally found that at Salick's. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your school, and Colten absolutely loves it!"

Bryan Yokes
Deputy Chief of Police

"Through my work with the Cub and Boy Scouts, and as a Black Belt instructor of the youth classes at Salick's (where my two sons are enrolled in the KAT class), I have a chance to observe a lot of children and those who work with them. It's safe to say that Roger Salick's approach to teaching youths is extraordinary. His understanding of how children think, his fun and novel ways to address their fears, and his ability to relate to them are truly outside the box. His method of training adults is no less different. I've practiced Judo and Okinawan Karate, and admire such arts, but in creating Kinetekan, Roger has sidestepped the traditions of arts like this. He has crafted a fighter's philosophy that looks at the world with curiosity, intelligence and profound practicality. It provides what are essentially different arts targeted to the specific needs of youths, teens and adults. Students can take their experience in Kinetekan to whatever level they desire, without pressure. It is very unusual, very engaging. It keeps students coming back."
Mike Neimon
Kinetekan Black Belt

"Our son joined Roger Salick's afterschool Karate class at Cushing Elementary when he was in first grade, and later joined Roger at Salick's Karate. Roger not only taught Eric self defense, but more importantly, built his confidence and strengthened him, both physically and mentally. Roger's classes were filled with motivation, encouragement and respect. Each child had fun and left class with feelings of accomplishment.
Eric participated in many other sports in addition to Karate. But unlike other sports which are seasonal, Karate became a part of Eric's life as he participated during the entire year. Eric is now 23 years old and has become a strong, respectful, and confident young man. Roger was not only his Sensei, but his mentor and role model. Who would ever have thought that a children's karate program could have such a positive effect on someone's life?"

John and Kay Tschurwald

"I was a senior black belt instructor at a Taekwondo school before discovering Salick's Karate. I had no idea a place like Salick's even existed. Here is a head master with decades of experience who works out with the students in virtually every class. Adult training is cutting-edge, a science of what actually works rather than what looks pretty. Emphasizing self-defense, fighting and fitness conditioning, Salick's rejects the choreographed clutter of impractical techniques. The environment is relaxed and friendly. Dress is casual. People laugh a lot. This school is incredible. I went from a guy who thought he could defend himself, but couldn't, to a guy who won the Milwaukee Rumble twice. I recommend Salick's Karate to anyone. It's great fun. It's what martial arts should be."
Jim Shanklin
Kinetekan Black Belt
Taekwondo Black Belt
2x Milwaukee Rumble Champion

"I was a black belt in a traditional martial arts school, facing a 3 year contract, when I began looking at other schools. They all seemed similar. Then I went to Salick's Karate. This was very different, and just what I was looking for. For fees far less than I'd been paying, Salick's classes were refreshingly informal, fun and educational. The adult sessions combine a great workout with realistic self defense techniques that would actually work on the street. There are no large egos here, with everyone helping each other regardless of belt rank. I can't imagine ever going back to a traditional school. And?there are no contracts! "
Heather Schneider

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