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Our Instructors

Kinetekan Black Belts Riz Loya and Dason Schultz

Roger Salick
Roger Salick is the Master Instructor at Salick's Karate/Martial Arts and is the founder of Kinetekan. Please see "SALICK BIO" for a more complete biography, along with quotes from major national martial arts personalities and publications.

Dr. Jim Powell
Dr. Jim Powell is a 5th degree Kinetekan Black Belt with 30 years of martial arts experience in multiple styles.

Heather Schneider
Heather holds black belts in Kinetekan and Karate, and is one of the most dedicated martial artists in Salick's Karate's history.

Ed Anderson
Ed Anderson, 4th Degree Kinetekan Black Belt with 25 years experience in multiple disciplines, is the head grappling instructor at Salick's Karate.

Christine S.
Chris is a veteran Kinetekan Black Belt with more than 25 years of martial arts experience in multiple styles.

Mike Neimon
Mike is a veteran Kinetekan Black belt with additional experience in Judo and traditional Okinawan Karate.

Rizwan Loya
Riz has studied martial arts for 20 years and holds a black belt in Kinetekan and a brown belt in Kenpo Karate.

Dason Schultz
Dason, a Kinetekan Black Belt and avid MMA fan, is a Delafield resident and self-employed business owner.

Jim Shanklin
Jim Shanklin is a veteran martial artist with more than 20 years experience, holds Black Belt degrees in Kinetekan and Taekwondo, and is a two-time winner of the Milwaukee Rumble Tough Man contest.

Greg Mutsch
Greg is a Kinetekan Black Belt and college student who has studied at Salick's Karate since he was five years old.

Eric Tschurwald
Eric Tschurwald is a Kinetekan Black Belt with a degree in business. He has been training with Roger Salick since he was in first grade. Eric was the runner up in the Lightweight division of the 2008 Milwaukee Rumble and is a A competitive wake boarder,