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                                 Photo by Mike Schirmer

Roger Salick, shown with Black Belt Blaine Bielawski  

Roger Salick has devoted nearly fifty years to the teaching and study of martial arts. He is the founder and guiding force of Kinetekan, an eclectic modern self-defense system modeled on brain-based learning theory, and also holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in classical Shorin Ryu Karate. Roger has instructed thousands of students, acted in martial arts movies, and has been featured in USA TODAY, OMNI, BLACK BELT, AMERICAN KARATE, MARTIAL ARTS WEAPONS, THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL, and more. He has trained full contact fighters, spent more than a decade as a bouncer in bars, and worked security for groups like REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, and Diana Ross. A professional public speaker, Roger lectures widely on the physical and psychological dynamics of self-defense, and has delivered keynote addresses for corporations like IBM.  He has developed children's martial arts curriculums that have been taught in public school community education programs since 1995.

In addition to his group classes at Salick's Karate, Roger offers private instruction on a  limited basis.

As a writer with hundreds of published articles and stories to his credit, Roger has written for newspapers, magazines, the largest martial arts publications in the country, and has done extensive work for companies like Marvel Comics, including movie and novel adaptation.

  A graduate of a nearly 1000 hour massage/acupressure program at the East-West Healing Arts Institute, Roger has shadow-interned with reknowned acupuncturist Dr. Xiping Zhou and has studied Tuina (Chinese medical massage) in China, where he worked in hospitals in Bejing and at Heilongjiang Medical University.

Roger's hobbies include 3D digital graphic art, and samples of his work may be seen in the link to Roger Salick Digital Art.


"Roger Salick...a black-belt karate expert, free-lance journalist, and all-around adventurer."

"It's rare to find a karate instructor who cares as much for his students as he does for his art. There are none finer than Roger Salick."
Alan Paul, Editor

"Roger Salick...a mix of speed, power and of the finest martial artists I've ever met."
David Weiss, Editor
NINJA Magazine,

"Roger Salick is one of the best in the business...a martial artist with insight."
Robert Bussey, Ninjutsu Master
"The King of Combat"

"Roger Salick is the most talented, fluid writer to appear in BLACK BELT Magazine in my six-plus years as executive editor for BLACK BELT, the nation's largest martial arts publication."
Jim Coleman, Executive Editor

"Roger Salick is, without doubt, the best writer in the martial arts industry."
Willliam Groak, Editor