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  Medical Massage Internship, China 2005

Roger Salick's Eastern/Western Massage & Pain Relief
Photos copyright 2005 by Roger Salick

Tai chi in Shanghai, daybreak


 Every morning at first dawn, people of diverse ages come to the waterfront to practice the graceful art of tai chi. Guided by aging masters, they move like bamboo in the wind, framed in silhouette against Shangai's futuristic backdrop. They will work for an hour or so before slipping away to their shops and homes.

 But tomorrow, they will be here again.                               


My Tuina (Chinese Medical massage) mentor, master acupuncturist Dr. Xiping Zhou, performing a tai chi fan routine.

He was quite good, really.               


The Bejing Shaolin Wu  Shu School. Roger and friend, working with staffs.

 Picture a campus full of young Jet Li's, and you have a handle on it. The Shaolin Wu Shu school is home to 1200 of some the most mind-blowing young martial artists on the planet.  They carry a full academic load while studying wu shu (kung fu). Their martial arts schedule is as follows: train four hours each day Monday through Friday; train all day Saturday (about 8-10 hours). They have Sunday off.

A final shot of the Shanghai skyline, where the very new is rolling over the very old with the force of a tectonic plate. In many respects it was the most modern city I have ever seen.