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Roger Salick's Amazing Art

All images copyrighted 2007-2012 by Roger Salick.  All rights reserved.

Journey to worlds of limitless possibility...
Most of Roger's  Amazing Images begin, once the idea for a picture is fixed in his mind, with the creation of an incredibly complex and detailed 3D (three dimensional) world within the microprocessors of a computer.

A palette of powerful softwares is synergized to allow
thousands of variables in this world ? all objects,  colors, textures, the creation and positioning of

artificial ?suns? and lights, the shape and modeling of objects and human figures down to each finger joint, the degree of reflection and transparency of surfaces? ? to be determined and molded by the artist.
A ?virtual camera? that will ultimately capture this image is maneuvered  through this 3D world, allowing the eye to move in any direction, even inside objects, before deciding on a final shot.
 Getting to this point often takes weeks --sometimes months-- of painstaking work.

Aquatic Man

    Once this image is decided upon, the computer must process the scene into an actual photograph. Some images will take up to 60 hours of
constant computer processing.

The number of light rays alone calculated by the computer will number, not in the billions or trillions, but in quadrillions. But even with this image, the picture is not done. Roger will refine the picture further in various photo editing programs, shading, blending, cloning, often at the pixel-by-pixel level. And then, finally, it is finished, hopefully to find an appreciative audience.

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Bronze Atlas