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New from my good friend Elizabeth Stevens! A great book for any child, and the perfect gift for Christmas. Bravo, Elizabeth! This first venture into children's literature will not be your last...

"...delivers a martial arts fable for youngsters...tells the tale of an 8 year old girl who is preparing to test for her black belt but encounters doubts on the way...The illustrations by Daniela Frongia are topnotch."
Black Belt Magazine

"Being a proud father of three children, bedtime reading is my favorite part of the day with them. Mister D delivers in a big, fun, colorful way to end the day. A must have for all mom's and dad's everywhere!"
Kevin Sorbo:  Actor, Soul Surfer and TV series, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

"Mister D is a delightful morality tale about confronting the twin-horned dilemmas of doubt and fear. Centered around a simple but powerful truth embraced by a young karate student, the message of Mister D is universal and uplifting. Mister D is sure to resonate with its readers."
Roger Salick:  Master Karate teacher