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Some very clever person once said that we don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. Maybe that's why it's so much fun to teach children martial arts. They're infectious. Kids understand play without an instruction manual that numbs it into boredom. The power and purpose of play is encoded in their DNA. They get it, they like it, they're good at it. They launch into it with instinctive mastery, like fledgling albatrosses seeking flight. At the point in our world where effort and fun converge, kids reign supreme.

It's an amazing thing to watch children at play. They're blissfully unaware that they're slamming around the most complex mechanism in the history of our planet. 200+ bones, 650 muscles, 86 billion neurons infinitely connected that will let them send space ships beyond the rim of the solar system… they take it all for granted and treat it like a Stradivarius in a rumpus room. They'll worry about all that grownup stuff, well, later...

If, as adults, we understand the power and potency of play, we hold the key to teaching children. The magic portal to their mind swings open, and they "buy in". The secret --the art-- is to weave play with learning in a way that is both fun and fascinating, and emerge with a seamless tapestry. And to enjoy the ride with them.

Of course, they'd rather be playing tag. Look out! You're it!

Yours in Martial Arts,
Roger Salick