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A Martial Arts Gem

Testimonial by Phillip A. Humphries



I've been a martial artist since the early 1970s and have trained with some

of the finest in the field, ranging from CIA combatives instructors to the

martial monks of the Shaolin Temple. You can imagine my astonishment

when I found one of the finest martial artists I'd ever encountered in little

Delafield following my retirement from the intelligence world and relocation to Wisconsin. That martial artist is Roger Salick.


The place is Salick's Karate. Housed in a low profile little structure set back off the road, nestled in a copse of trees just across the Bark River from St.Northwestern Military Academy, is a real martial arts master. Roger wouldn't care for the term master, as he is a humble, unassuming man. His calm demeanor and friendly smile belies the high level martial capability coiled within. To those of us who have the privilege of training with him, he is Sensei, the Japanese term for teacher. I'd like to tell a little story about this martial arts gem that is Salick's Karate.


I've known some tough men in my time, having rubbed shoulders with them during careers as a Central Intelligence Agency field operator, undercover narcotics detective, SWAT officer, soldier and sailor. None were any tougher than Roger Salick. If you're in the market for authentic and realistic martial arts training, you need look no further than Salick's Karate. The term karate is a bit of a misnomer, for Roger's curriculum is actually an eclectic mix of several martial disciplines, solidly based on a foundation of realism. A blend of contemporary and traditional, Salick's system incorporates techniques and principles from Shorin Ryu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Ninjutsu, Aikido, Kickboxing, Japanese Jujitsu and anything else that works reliably against a resisting opponent.


Salick's is literally a martial laboratory where everything is tested for effectiveness before it becomes part of the curriculum. In my global travels and decades of martial tourism, I have not run across anything that is any better than what is offered at Salick's. I speak from experience, as I have been in multiple physical altercations as a law enforcement officer, been shot at, and have trod in foreign back alleys and desert war zones. What Roger Salick teaches is the real deal.


I spent a career as a professional intelligence officer at CIA, serving in twelve countries. I was trained by elite instructors whose business was surviving lethal encounters in very hostile environments. Roger Salick's reality-based combatives, which he has dubbed Kinetekan, is a vastly superior martial art to what I learned during my careers in espionage, law enforcement and military service. I wish I could have trained with him back then, as I would have been better protected, with superior skills.


If you are a law enforcement, military or security professional looking for expert defensive tactics training, you want Roger Salick as your instructor. If you are a parent seeking reliable self defense for yourself and your children, Salick's Karate is the place. Roger worked professionally as a bouncer and bodyguard and knows what is and isn't viable out on the street. Unlike some martial arts instructors, Roger actually has real world street experience -- it's not just theory with Roger.


I'm retired now from CIA, but I continue to serve in a part time capacity within the Department of Homeland Security. As a lifelong martial artist who continues to maintain a high level of personal security, I wouldn't bet my life---or that of my wife---on anything I didn't trust.


I trust Roger Salick and would bet my life on what he teaches.